When I was stationed in Okinawa in the early '80's, I bought a Minolta XG-1 35 mm SLR.  I also bought a Minolta Weathermatic.  I still have both.   Learning on 35mm was a great experience.  But at the end of the day, no matter how good the photo - you still paid someone else for the final product.  The digital age is where I belong!

My first camera in the digit photography age was a Sony Mavica.  Great camera for the time.  Images were stored directly to a 3.5 disk.  I still have the Mavica.  Other than a quickly deteriorating battery it still works great.  With the FINE settings, it will take a very good 4x6 picture.  Anything larger is a crap shoot.  For taking pictures to publish on the web, it is perfect. 

Currently I shoot with Nikon's D80 and D90.  I find the Aperture and Speed control to work well with what I do.  Aside from the usual sunlight issues, the full sized menu on the back of the D90 is a great help.

For the digital photographer in me, I have many subjects of interest.  I like just about any time of year - but really go after fall colors.  Great Lakes subjects such as lighthouses and freighters are always photo opportunities.  Combine that with a hobby of off-road motorcycle riding to get far off the beaten path and the possibilities for great outdoor pictures is greatly increased. 

For the digital artist in me, I like 'blending' different exposure levels to create unique and unusual views of a photograph.  I look at most of my shots and try various effects. 

In the Originals groupings there are four shots in succession.  The first shot is what came out of the camera.  The second, third and fourth shots are different levels of exposures - going from a realistic look to a surreal look.